Espejo Hexágono


Shipping to United States: $91.89

Geometric has always been fashionable, but in recent times has become an upward trend, we are very fans of the trends and adapt your taste to them, so we have created mirrors that will leave you speechless.
With hexagon mirrors You can create funny compositions with natural wood frames or with the colors that you decide from our color chart, we can create them with the measurement or measures that fit your honeycomb design and the best of all the floating effect that it Every one of us, check it out.
In the pictures, you'll see how it looks like the mirror floats in the air in the center of the hexagon.

PS: You can buy one or several do not go in pack so that these mirrors are adapted to any of your needs, if you've decided, I have good news the cost of shipping 24h are FREE!!!

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