Colores de Menorca 19/05


Shipping to United States: $51.69

Colors of Menorca is a line full of contrasts and geometry, the game of reliefs and the use of different thicknesses of wood, make the works have a certain life, depending on the light, shapes and their shadows play and the work becomes something alive.

Some of them are variable, can be hung in various ways and based on it will enjoy a different work each time.

Each work is a small piece of geometric creativity in wood, conceived and designed, can never be equal, after them there is a work of dedication and dedication, so that each work is special, but above all I believe in the distinctive and the own.

I have taken care of every minimum detail, I know that the image is more than important, so the presentation that accompanies each work is another essential complement to enhance what is stored inside.

The great design of the packaging, makes that if you give a work geometrical colors of Menorca is a surprise, the box is fully adapted to the format of the piece, to be guarded and protected, the simplicity of packaging is designed to emphasize and Highlight the shapes and colors that make up the piece.
All the works include your certificate of exclusivity and my stamp.

Respect for the environment and our love for nature, makes our works are made with recycled wood of all kinds from pine to Iroko, we rescue forgotten and evicted Woods, and then create new works with them, but with the Personality of the wood, a perfect fusion to decorate in a different way.

Shipping costs 24h.... Free!!!

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