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When you're looking for a mirror you need it to be decorative and original, are you sure you're just that? You Can't imagine what a mirror can do in a room, it certainly is something more than a decorative element has an almost magical quality; When you locate a mirror in the right place it brings luminosity and amplitude.
A large mirror can make the effect of creating a much bigger stay, it is ideal to place it in small and dark entrances, in a forgotten wall of your living room, in a bedroom helps you to create a toilet corner, the possibilities are endless.

We Have designed and created this beautiful Espejeo inspired in Binisafua, a small Cove of the island of Menorca, the natural, the wild and those blue shades so special we wanted to capture in a mirror made entirely by hand with recycled wood, so That you'll have something that no one else can have in your house.

PS: If You have finally found the mirror of your dreams take advantage of the Cost of sending 24h.... Free!!!

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