Sa Roca


Shipping to United States: $91.89

You are looking for a mirror and you have come here, you want the frame is wood and a bit rustic, we go well, you want it for a particular place in your house and you have not decided yet, I'll tell you the reason why you should take this mirror to your house.

Sa Roca is not a common mirror, as you see has a name, and is that it is done trying to recreate the tones and textures of a bellsima wooded area of the island of Menorca. If you decide to choose this piece you will have a portion of a magical island in your house, besides it is handmade with recycled wood, we firmly believe in the culture of recycling, so each piece is designed and created in a conscious and sustainable way.
Why not have a mirror in your house that will transport you directly to nature?

PS: If You think you've found these luck the shipping Costs 24h.... They're FREE!!!

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