Triplico Ferro 2.0


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You think your walls need something that really wakes up in you that feeling of -- "ooh like I'd like to be here, I'd stand up all day" you want to have a wall that makes everything change, that when you look at it transports you to a place of calm , for that is what we do with our works, that your mind travels and your home is your refuge.
With our creations we make pleasant stays where you want to be, it seems a lie, but a simple detail, can make a room change completely, all the people we have tried and have one of our works, agree on the pleasant feeling beautiful and unique, it's great to know that only you have, a portion of nature and art in your home.

If you have already seen Ferro 1.0 Triptych and you loved it, because here is its brother, it is not twin, but can go as a couple if you feel like it, this beauty also gives body an ancient iron frame, we have highlighted its skate and its scars, next to the wood provides us with perfect fret.
It is a piece created with recycled woods, made by hand entirely.
If you have questions do not hesitate to talk to us, we will help you in everything you need and we will advise you if you need it.

Pd: by the way if you have already decided, I will give you good news, we have free shipping costs 24 hours, so you can have a work of art at home in record time,

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